Creative Conversations For Families–Link-up

Creative Conversations For Families, Family Time

The average family spends less than eight hours together each week. Sadly, much of this time is squandered in front of the television, computer, or smart-phones–all activities where minimal engagement takes place. I wrote my latest book, 131 Creative Conversations For Families, because quality family time matters! Family time is when children and parents connect on…

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Read More Books With These Reading Hacks–Link-up #24

read, reading hacks

During my college days, there were times I planted myself on the couch of the local coffee shop, and read for hours. I also worked a number of jobs that allowed me to bring a book, and read during the down time. Today, with four energetic daughters at home, and a job with ever increasing responsibility responsibilities, finding time to read is…

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Dear Church, Will You Help My Children Discover a Love For Jesus That Sticks?–Link-up #23

Church, faith that sticks, sticky faith

Dear church family, I have a favor to ask. I need your help with something that is far too big–and important–to accomplish on my own. Will you partner with me in helping my children develop a love for Jesus that lasts a lifetime? This tops my list of things that matter! The good news is that encouraging children to walk…

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Goals, Detours, Shark-bites, and Learning to Trust the Process–Link-up #22

goals, Goals, goal, blogging, bloggers, link-up, linkey

The quickest way between two points is a straight line. This is why traveling by airplane is so much quicker than driving. Planes aren’t hindered by windy roads, stop-lights, or traffic-jams. In my mind, the journey to achieving my goals should progress in a smooth, straight line, much like a non-stop flight. This year, however, I am reminded…

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Why Bloggers Should Ask More–Link-up #21

ask, asking

In Matthew 7:7, Jesus said, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Then, in Luke 18, Jesus tells a parable about a persistent widow. This widow asked a judge for justice–day after day–to the point of pestering. Finally, she wore…

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Me–Link-up #20

Jed Jurchenko

It has been a busy week with baby Emma, and I’ve had this post in the queue for a while. So, I thought this week was the perfect opportunity to share this with you. With top-ten lists being the ever-popular thing to do, today, I thought I’d pull back the curtain, and give you a…

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My Faith Adventure, Roller Coaster and Experiment!–Link-up #19

faith is an adventure

Faith is an adventure, a roller coaster, and an experiment. It is most certainly not a dot-to-dot. Let me explain: Faith is an Adventure Hebrews 11, is referred to as, “The Hall of Faith.” It describes a group of men and women who, “Were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive…

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Coffee Shop Conversations: Psychology and the Bible–Share Page

Coffee Shop Conversations

What do you get when you combine the Bible, with psychology, and great coffee? Coffee Shop Conversations: Psychology and the Bible, is a highly-caffeinated book for Christ-followers that will help you live, love, and lead well! Solving The Love Problem Loving others is easy when people act nice and life is smooth. When life gets…

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Mission Statement For Bloggers: Finding Your Lighthouse–Link-up #18

mission statement, mission, blogging tips, blogger, blogging

The best way craft a mission statement is to start by listing qualities and ideas that matter to you now. Then look for themes that you believe will be an important part of your life ten, twenty, and even fifty years from today. Ideally, the way that you fulfill your mission statement will change over time, but your overall mission will remain steady. For example,…

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Email List Building: Making the Process Simple and Pain-free!–Link-up #17

How to Build an Email List

Building an email list sounds easy. Start with an irresistible offer–This could be an e-book, a video, an online course, or something as simple as a one-page PDF. As long as the offer–commonly referred to as a “lead magnet”–adds value to the lives of others, you are doing it right. Next, build a squeeze-page–a simple, one-page website…

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