The Beginnings: Becoming Stepmom and Mom

As I get closer and closer to having Addison officially join our family and I go through the process of nesting and preparing for her arrival, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for the days when I was going through a similar process getting ready to become a stepmom to Mackenzie and Brooklyn. I moved […]

stepmom and mom

Becoming Mom in a Blended Family Home

A blended family story of hope and joy!

I remember vividly the exact moment I realized that in my marriage, when we chose to get pregnant that I would be a first time parent on my own because my husband had already been through all of this.   We were sitting around the kitchen counter talking with my parents while visiting them in […]

Becoming mom in a blended family hom

Moving past Mommy Guilt and Embracing Joy

Start letting go of shame, because God did not create us to feel less than.

As any parent knows, there is a special gift that comes with the honor of having children that is called “mommy guilt.”  You are barraged from day 1 of your pregnancy with lists of don’t-do that-but-be-sure-to-do-this.  And far too often those lists contradict each other.  To cry it out or not, baby wear or not, breast […]

moving past mommy guilt

An Easy Way to Reduce Step-Parenting Battles

The one thing you need to know to prevent back-and-forth, tug-o-war, arguments.

Sometimes the life of stepmom can feel like a constant battle.  You are coming into a situation where dad and kids have their own routines and systems that you have to try to fit into.  Step-kids may resent changes in the family dynamic and be resistant to accepting you into their lives.  And of course […]

reduce step-parenting battles

Blended Family Discipline: Strategies That Work

Ideas to ease tension and make blended family discipline simpler.

One of the most challenging parts of stepping into a marriage where kids are already present is learning how to have the stepparent deal with discipline.  As with many parenting decisions, I believe that there is no one, set in stone, way to deal with this issue.  However there are some valuable lessons that I […]

Making Blended Family Discipline Work