Personal Development Strategies that Level-up Your Life!

Five strategies for gaining momentum, and growing you! (Live Show).

Our world is rapidly changing. As a result, the need for personal development strategies is growing. The fast-past switch between careers is one example of this. Today, the average person switches careers between 5-7 times, and this trend is growing. So much so that Forbes is calling job hopping, the ‘new normal’ for Millennials. The Personal Development Need My grandfather worked for General […]

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How to Keep Love Strong All Year Long

A Live, Post Valentines Day Episode, On Making Love Last!

Today, I’m thrilled to post our second live episode of Coffee Shop Conversations! My friends Etienne, Chatiela and I, are having a blast hanging out over coffee–and Mt Dew–enjoying each other’s company, and sharing about how we are growing our faith, practicing family leadership, and keeping our friendships strong. In this post Valentines Day episode, we dive into specific […]

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The Healing Power of Conversation: Coffee Shop Conversations Live #1

Three Stories on Faith, Family, and Friendship!

Conversation is powerful! I discovered this firsthand, while facing a major storm in my life. After seeking wisdom from pastors and counselors–who where heavy on the advice and light on the conversation–my situation grew worse, and I felt defeated. You see, ten years ago, I was in the midst of a marriage crisis. The advise I received was […]