Don’t Quit, Try This Instead–Link-up #28

Every Friday, when I visit one of my favorite Link-ups at The Bloggers Pit Stop, I am greeted with the words, “You have not failed until you quit trying.” This anonymous quote has become a favorite. It is a reminder to me that hard work in writing is normal, so don’t quit. Another favorite quote […]

Don't quit

Smiling, Sipping Coffee, and Breathing Deeply–Link-up #27

Your permission to relax and practice good self-care this week!

“You cannot impart to others that which you do not possess.” This is one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Barry Lord, a favorite professors while I was in graduate school. This quote is also the reason I am smiling, sipping coffee, and breathing deeply this week. After three glorious months of leave, today I  make my return to […]

Smiling, Sipping Coffee, and Breathing Deeply

How Small Actions Impact Marriage in a Big Way–Link-up #26

Small actions can make or break a marriage. Tiny acts of kindness are sometimes the ones that are remember most. Unfortunately, tiny acts of contempt are also long remembered, and can be powerful enough to turn a good relationship sour. The bottom line is that when it comes to marriage, little actions make a big difference. In fact, my marriage […]

small actions

Creative Conversations For Families–Link-up

Discover creative conversations to make your family above average!

The average family spends less than eight hours together each week. Sadly, much of this time is squandered in front of the television, computer, or smart-phones–all activities where minimal engagement takes place. I wrote my latest book, 131 Creative Conversations For Families, because quality family time matters! Family time is when children and parents connect on […]

Creative Conversations For Families, Family Time

Read More Books With These Reading Hacks–Link-up #24

During my college days, there were times I planted myself on the couch of the local coffee shop, and read for hours. I also worked a number of jobs that allowed me to bring a book, and read during the down time. Today, with four energetic daughters at home, and a job with ever increasing responsibility responsibilities, finding time to read is […]

read, reading hacks

Mission Statement For Bloggers: Finding Your Lighthouse–Link-up #18

The best way craft a mission statement is to start by listing qualities and ideas that matter to you now. Then look for themes that you believe will be an important part of your life ten, twenty, and even fifty years from today. Ideally, the way that you fulfill your mission statement will change over time, but your overall mission will remain steady. For example, […]

mission statement, mission, blogging tips, blogger, blogging

Story Power! Why Every Blogger Needs to Share Their Story–Link-up #15

You have a story that needs to be told!

Fifteen years ago, ago I attended seminary and simultaneously interned at a large church in San Diego. During this time, I saw the power of story dramatically played out! This small event made an enormous impact on me, as I vividly remember it many years later. One evening, our children’s pastor–who also happens to be one of the most skilled communicators I […]

Story and Blogging

Writing Tips For Sharing Your Authentic Story (Link-up #10)

Everyone has an important story to tell. What's yours?

Writers who share their authentic story connect with their readers in a powerful way. Writing authentically is the best writing tip I know. I’m willing to excuse grammatical errors, and poor writing technique, if the writer is keeping things real. But this post comes with a warning: Sharing your authentic story may be the most challenging writing […]

writing, writing tips, authentic story, story

7 Blogging Hacks For Getting Unstuck (Link-Up #7)

Simple strategies for overcoming obstacles, and stirring-up creativity, on days when writing is difficult.

Creating fresh, engaging content, week after week, is every bloggers challenge. Here are seven blogging hacks for getting unstuck during those days when writing is difficult. Try them out next time writer’s blog sets in, and turn the dreaded white-screen on your computer into your next blogging masterpiece. 7 Blogging Hacks For Regaining Momentum Blogging Hack #1: […]

blogging hacks

Tweetable Teamwork Quotes, with Link-Up #3

Inspiring quotes on teaming up with others!

Teamwork is God’s idea, and people simply don’t function well in isolation. The need for others is a theme that runs throughout Scripture: God creates Eve, so that Adam won’t be alone. Jesus handpicks His disciples. And the Apostle Paul, encourages believers to not forsake their fellowship. But teaming up isn’t always easy. People are […]

tweetable teamwork quotes