Be Happier Now: A Book for a Happy, Healthy, More Spiritual You!

A Free Gift to Level-up Your Marriage, Parenting, and Joy.

Transform from a discouraged mom or dad, to an enthusiastic agent 0f joy, who uses their new-found happiness to parent at a higher level! Download my e-book:  I believe in that your happiness matters so strongly, that this book is my gift to you! Every month the question “What is happiness?” is googled by thousands of people looking for more […]

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Give Your Family the Gift of a Happy You

Exploring the connection between happiness, spirituality, and awesome relationships!

Happiness has gotten a bad rap. Some worry that focusing on happiness waters down our church sermons and keeps people away from the deep treasures of God’s word. In psychology classes, student’s have expressed concern that being happy is selfish. Nevertheless, I am convinced that focusing on our own happiness is the best gift that we can give to others, and that being […]

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101 Reasons to Be Thankful

Build happiness, energy, and momentum with this list of 101 reasons to be thankful!

In college, I purchased a book entitled 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, as a birthday gift for a friend. I enjoyed browsing thought the pages before giving it away. This isn’t the type of book that is read strait thought. There is no story, only a list–14,ooo things happy about and thankful for, in bullet-point format. It’s a powerful tool for […]

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Becoming Mom in a Blended Family Home

A blended family story of hope and joy!

I remember vividly the exact moment I realized that in my marriage, when we chose to get pregnant that I would be a first time parent on my own because my husband had already been through all of this.   We were sitting around the kitchen counter talking with my parents while visiting them in […]

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How to Help Our Kids Bust Boredom and Flex Their Creativity

Why boredom may be one of the best gifts that you can allow your child to have.

“Daddy, I’m boooaaard.” Brooklyn drawls out these words with a mischievous smile, and I know exactly what she is doing. Brooklyn is attempting to activate the boredom-jar. The boredom-jar–a brightly colored container, holding nearly 100 Popsicle-sticks–sits strategically on top of our refrigerator. Written on each stick, is an activity that encourages our children to flex their creativity. The boredom-jar is activated whenever the words, “I’m […]

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How to Celebrate an Unfair Christmas

Why an unfair Christmas, is a great Christmas!

On Christmas morning, Jenny and I try to keep thing fair. We are blended family, so Jenny and I are hyper-vigilant about keeping things even among all of the children. Jenny meticulously counts the number of presents, each child will receive, before setting them under the tree. She has a common step-mommy concern. Jenny doesn’t want her stepdaughters to find things unfair, and think […]

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Merry Christmas: Conversations on Creating Holiday Joy–Part 2

More Happiness Advice, from Some of the Wisest Bloggers I Know!

Welcome to part two, of our Happy Holidays post. I asked some of the wisest, happiest, and most engaging bloggers I know, what they are doing to fill this Christmas season with joy. My hope is that this will be a joy-filled way to celebrate this season with others, and be a fun way of discovering […]

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays: Conversations on Increasing Holiday Joy–Part 1

Happiness Advice, from Some of the Wisest Bloggers I Know!

“Happy Holidays!” It’s more than just a greeting–it’s also a wish and a goal. Everyone longs for more joy in their life. But how do we make the holidays truly happy? If we asked a hundred different people, we would get a multitude of answers, because happiness–like many things–is an ongoing conversation. Today, I’m excited to take our conversation to a new level. […]

Happy Holidays

High-Conflict Worldviews: Avoid Trouble Before it Starts

Discover strategies for identifying and teaching your children about high-conflict personalities.

Have you ever noticed that some people view the world in a way that invites high-conflict and chaos? Recently, I was typing out a blog-post, when my cell phone rang. Although the call was from a blocked number, I decided to answer it anyways. A man with a heavy accent introduced himself and provided a professional sounding title. He explained […]

Reminder: Don’t Only Learn, Practice What You Know

Four practical reminders on leadership and relationships!

Finding fresh ideas to write about, is a common challenge for bloggers. This weekend, while pondering topics for future posts, I came across an inspiring quote by Samuel Johnson on the power of a reminder. Samuel states, “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.” Pure genius! I thought to myself. After finding […]

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