Finding Good With Childlike Wonder–Link-up #30

finding good

Children are experts at finding good in everyday events of life. It was the Summer of 2011, and I was on a daddy daughter date with my girls at Coronado Bay. This happens to be one of my favorite places in the world. Coronado bridge is a massive, 2.1 mile structure that connects San Diego to the…

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Catching Foxes–Link-up #29

Catching Foxes

I took a deep breath and let out a sigh. Immediately, I wished that I could take the sigh back. Sighing is a bad habit. I sigh when I feel stressed. I sigh when life becomes rushed. And, I sigh when little annoyances come my way. On this particular morning, I felt hurried. Whenever possible, I  plan pockets of down…

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Don’t Quit, Try This Instead–Link-up #28

Don't quit

Every Friday, when I visit one of my favorite Link-ups at The Bloggers Pit Stop, I am greeted with the words, “You have not failed until you quit trying.” This anonymous quote has become a favorite. It is a reminder to me that hard work in writing is normal, so don’t quit. Another favorite quote…

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Family Conversations Team-up and Link-up #27

family conversations

Back in January, I proclaimed 2016 as my year of teamwork. It has awesome experiencing the power of teamwork in action with the launch of my latest book on creative family conversations.  Here is what has happened so far! 20 Family Conversations Over Dinner In addition to writing an incredible review, Pat Fenner from, asked if she could…

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Smiling, Sipping Coffee, and Breathing Deeply–Link-up #27

Smiling, Sipping Coffee, and Breathing Deeply

“You cannot impart to others that which you do not possess.” This is one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Barry Lord, a favorite professors while I was in graduate school. This quote is also the reason I am smiling, sipping coffee, and breathing deeply this week. After three glorious months of leave, today I  make my return to…

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How Small Actions Impact Marriage in a Big Way–Link-up #26

small actions

Small actions can make or break a marriage. Tiny acts of kindness are sometimes the ones that are remember most. Unfortunately, tiny acts of contempt are also long remembered, and can be powerful enough to turn a good relationship sour. The bottom line is that when it comes to marriage, little actions make a big difference. In fact, my marriage…

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Creative Conversations For Families–Link-up

Creative Conversations For Families, Family Time

The average family spends less than eight hours together each week. Sadly, much of this time is squandered in front of the television, computer, or smart-phones–all activities where minimal engagement takes place. I wrote my latest book, 131 Creative Conversations For Families, because quality family time matters! Family time is when children and parents connect on…

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Read More Books With These Reading Hacks–Link-up #24

read, reading hacks

During my college days, there were times I planted myself on the couch of the local coffee shop, and read for hours. I also worked a number of jobs that allowed me to bring a book, and read during the down time. Today, with four energetic daughters at home, and a job with ever increasing responsibility responsibilities, finding time to read is…

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Goals, Detours, Shark-bites, and Learning to Trust the Process–Link-up #22

goals, Goals, goal, blogging, bloggers, link-up, linkey

The quickest way between two points is a straight line. This is why traveling by airplane is so much quicker than driving. Planes aren’t hindered by windy roads, stop-lights, or traffic-jams. In my mind, the journey to achieving my goals should progress in a smooth, straight line, much like a non-stop flight. This year, however, I am reminded…

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Why Bloggers Should Ask More–Link-up #21

ask, asking

In Matthew 7:7, Jesus said, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Then, in Luke 18, Jesus tells a parable about a persistent widow. This widow asked a judge for justice–day after day–to the point of pestering. Finally, she wore…

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