Awesome Cyber-Monday Books and Deals!

Discounted, self-published books by some of my favorite people :)

Cyber Monday is here, and I am excited to send you some amazing book deals. Many of these are written by favorite authors and friends!

Most of us are self-published writers, who brew a pot of coffee, open our laptops at the kitchen table, and write books admits during any spare moment we get, because we believe that we have an incredibly important message to share. All of the authors included in this email have agreed to discount their book to free or $0.99. So, grab some awesome deals, while supporting some incredible, new authors in the process!

Free and $0.99 Books!

131 Creative Conversations For Couples
Transform your relationship from dull and bland to passionate, inspired, and connected as your grow your insights into your partner’s inner world! ($0.99)

Life Doc: How to Succeed in Life Without Losing Your Faith, Family, and Friends
Get your life back in balance. ($0.99)
Much to do Before a Dog
Are your kids asking for a puppy this holiday season? Parents are starting with this children’s picture book! Based on a true story, for children ages 4-8, Amazon’s #1 New Release, 10% profits go to Pets In Need. (Free)

The Success Journey
How to Find Success in your Business and Life WITHOUT reinventing the wheel or losing your mind! If you want to be successful, then you must learn the 7 New Laws of Success as soon as possible.($0.99 pre-order)

The Little Book of Encouragement
Did you reach that goal you set this year or did circumstances and negativity cause you to take your focus off your goals? Find out how to achieve your goals going into the new year despite fear, doubt, and other forms of negativity.

The Keep
Giving Hope to those Who Have None. ($0.99)

Hitler on Trial
In 1939, months before the beginning of WWII, a young journalist discovers that Hitler’s Mein Kampf as published in the US is sanitized. The journalist—who takes action to expose the full measure of Hitler’s evil—was a future US Senator and candidate for president. This is his story. ($0.99)

Relocation Without Dislocation
Make new friends and keep the old. ($0.99)

Ways of War:

Reframe Your Viewpoints
How to Understand and Heal anxiety while Transforming your life using the Reframing Technique and 8 cognitive strategies to bring permanent Peace and Confidence into your days.

Understanding your true nature in Christ!

My Special Sound
“My Special Sound” A little music looks for his special sound. Meeting different animals and a new friend to play with he uses his pocket to discover his own special sound.

The Pet Bereavement Sereies

Healing a Child’s Pet Loss Grief
The Pet Professional’s Guide to Pet Loss
Healing Your Heart From Pet Loss

($0.99 each)

Ocean Nomad
Help to make the Ocean Famous & learn what YOU can do to make a difference for a healthier ocean. Read about ocean challenges and solutions in the Bonus Edition of Ocean Nomad. (Free)

A foolproof, step-by-step system that will prove invaluable when life throws you a curve ball and crisis hits! [I] highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a sensible, common-sense and highly effective method of handling life’s many ups and downs. ($0.99)

Breaking the Silence
An educational book about child abuse, not only for the church but for anyone who thinks they don’t know someone affected by abuse or if you don’t know the truth about perpetrators. (Free)

Boys and Books
Is your son reading resistant and you’ve tried everything to turn it around? Does this worry you about his future success in high school, college, and a knowledge-based economy? Boys and Books breaks down in an easy-to-follow format the 10 essential Building Blocks that boys need to read. ($0.99)

Fearless Author
The ultimate ebook marketing guide that includes a free webinar training, checklists, and lists of sites to market your book on. ($0.99)

Athena Mentor College Application Workbook
This workbook serves as a planner for younger students and an organizer for applicants. From creating a list of colleges through alumni interviews, checklists galore walk students step by step through the application process. Dr. Corcoran shares tips and tricks from years of experience as a private admissions counselor. ($0.99)

Croissants vs
A practical guide to help you build meaningful and authentic relationships. You’re probably wondering about the title–what does “croissants” and “bagels” have to do with networking? Picture those tight networking circles at events–those are the “bagels.” If someone opens up their body language and makes space for others to join the circle–viola! “Croissant.”

You Can Be a Top Performer
Feel stuck in your current position? Learn how to become a top performer and get promoted.

Not Just a Number
I invite you to follow me through the world of sex trafficking. Experience a system that takes away your dignity, measures you by a price tag and strips you of your identity—minimizing you to a number. Push beyond the ugly, broken violence because there is light and love on the other side. Travel with me into the heart of modern-day slavery. Let me guide you on my path of self-awareness and realization that I am… Not Just a Number. (Free)

Freya: The Confession
Two years after Freya Wilson accidentally kills an Amish man with her car, she decides to tell his family the truth. How could his mother and father possibly forgive her for killing their son?

Freya: An Amish Christmas Short Story
Could you forgive someone for killing your family member–even if it was an accident? While driving through Amish country in Unity, Maine, Freya Wilson accidentally hits an Amish man in a blizzard, instantly killing him. Will she have the courage to tell his family the truth? (Free)

Reclaiming Hope
Whether you are considering foster parenting or adopting, or are already in it and drowning, or you just want to throw a lifesaver to a foster parent / adoptive friend or family member, then this book is your must-read resource. Reclaiming Hope gives you truth about adoption, foster care, and taking guardianship of children in a new and easy-to-understand way. ($0.99)

Crossing Paths: A Poetic Journey in 45 Days

A Poetic Journey in 45 Days available for $.99 on Cyber Monday. A passion collection of nature poetry, illustrations and inspiration. A Nature Journal that will take you on a journey of spirituality, environmental ethics, and nature observation

How to Crush Social Meida in Only 2 Minutes a Day

This book offers step- by- step instructions to build your social media presence with your platforms and /or blog. Promo 1$